Sublease - Woodlands of Baton RougeWoodlands of Baton Rouge


The Woodlands of Baton Rouge is located in a community in which it is difficult to release or relet an apartment space once you have signed this Lease. We cannot provide assurances, and we do not represent that your space will be relet or that a replacement tenant will be found if you fail to take possession, if you are contemplating an early move-out, or if the space is vacated for any other reason.

You will remain obligated under this Lease and will not be released should you vacate or fail to take possession, save and except as provided for under Paragraph 24 of the Lease. Should the Woodlands of Baton Rouge secure you a replacement or sublease, we do charge 85% of one month’s rent as a replacement fee. Should you decide to pursue the sublease process, here are the necessary steps to follow:


Step 1:

Notify the office that you would like to sublease your apartment. We recommend you both, get listed on our sublease list and pursue trying to find your own Subleaser. If you are able to find your own Subleaser or Replacement, the 85% fee does not apply.

Step 2:

Once you or property management has found someone they need to get approved by management as a credible tenant. They will go through the standard process for an incoming tenant, meaning they will sign a lease and find a qualifying guarantor that must be able to pass a soft credit check.

Step 3:

Assuming they pass, the new tenants file must be complete and the tenant must have paid any necessary application fees, deposits, and the first month’s rent before they can move in.

Step 4:

Once the new tenant is moved in and has begun paying rent, responsibility is then taken from you and passed on to the subleaser.